Image by Sarah Dorweiler


Hi, my name is Jessica.

I am a Mum of 4 little boys, so I know that life gets a bit messy!

Adding to that, one of my children has asthma, eczema and dust mite allergies. His skin was clearly very aggravated by the nasty chemicals standardly used around the home and I wanted to find a natural yet effective way to clean my home and make it smell nice without spray irritants everywhere.

After a lot of research, trial and error I made my own cleaning product that works incredibly on all surfaces! Glass, stainless steel, kitchen benches, scummy showers, and even carpet and mattress stain removal! I sourced all of my plant-based ingredients locally and opted for recycled packaging as I am very eco-conscious. 

One day I had a guest over who commented on how lovely my surface spray smelled and asked where I get it. I told her I make it and she was gobsmacked! She said I should sell it so here we are. A major reason for wanting to make my own product is because there are lots of natural cleaning products out there but they are often very expensive. I want to make my product affordable for even the average Aussie. 



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