Hi everyone, my name is Jess. I am the creator of Au Naturel Surface Cleaner.

I am also a busy mum of 4 little boys and one of my boys has eczema, asthma and dust mite allergies. He inspired me to create my own cleaning product that kills dust mites and germs around the house, without all the nasty chemicals. And that's why eucalyptus oil is the active antibaterial ingredient in my product.

It also includes Australian Lemon Myrtle Oil, to add to the scent, and plant-based and biodegradable surfactants and solubiliser. It also includes ordinary white vinegar and sugar based alochol. These ingredients together make for an extremely multi-purpose, affordable, natural cleaning product that you can use all over your home.

To add to the eco-friendliness, my bottles are recycled plastic and hey are recyclable as well. But I also sell a concentrate. This 1L concentrate refills the spray bottle 10 times! And all you need to do is fill the water up to the water level line and add about a finger width to the top, of the concentrate.  So, it's super quick and easy to refill, and if you'd prefer you can add 100ml from a jug into the spray bottle. 

The reason why it comes in a 1L spray bottle is because you will use it everywhere. You can use it to clean your kitchen and bathrooms from top to bottom. The mirrors, the glass, it will all come up streak-free and sanitised and smelling beautiful. You can also put it in a spray mop to clean the floors. You can spot clean carpets and lounges with it, or spray lightly over carpets, and lounges and bedding to sanitise and deodorise.

You're going to use this a lot in your daily cleaning and you won't be disappointed is all I can really say!

I do hope you give it a try, because I truly love this product. I use it everywhere in my home and I just want to share it with everyone :)



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